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Wedding Photographer Edinburgh

  • I have many years and a wide range of professional photography experience, from glossy magazine fashion shoots and some of the largest events in Scotland, to studio portraiture. I’m able to keep a calm head in any photographic situation.
  • I have photographed at nearly all the wedding venues in the Edinburgh area.
  • I have a background in graphic design and fashion photography; I have a keen visual sense and a good eye for style and design for when working on your unique wedding album.
  • I love to hear about your wedding; what makes it special to you and decide together what would be the best way to capture it.
  • I have a relaxed manner and enjoy keeping in with the flow of your wedding day rather than dictating.
  • My wedding albums are contemporary yet individually styled and some of the best quality available on the market.
  • All of my wedding packages are flexible and we can create an individual package to suit you.


I realise this is a very important decision in your wedding planning. You have probably had a look online and been overwhelmed with how many wedding photographers there are in the Edinburgh area alone, so what is the best way to choose your ideal wedding photographer.

Whats the most important part of your wedding photography? Its good to have a think about this before meeting up with any photographers so you can be prepared with the questions that are most important to you. I find it really helpful when I meet up with couples to get an understanding of what their wedding day is all about, what the theme is etc then I can get an idea of how I could best capture the big day for them.

You should think about what style of wedding photography you would like. This should be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your wedding photographer. Good photographers spend allot of time working on there own individual style.

I tend to shoot in a relaxed way with minimal posing and capture a feel for the whole day. I also like to spend some time with just the bride a groom to create some wow factor striking images, I like to incorporate the environment and enjoy working with dramatic perspectives. Its nice to think my images are quite individual, I have worked hard to develop a particular style and I spend allot of time in post production working on each important image from your wedding day.

After getting some prices you will have to start thinking about your budget, I would love to say this should not be the deciding factor in choosing your wedding photographer, but its unrealistic to think that this is not an important question. You will find there is a huge range of prices and packages on offer and the price isn’t always a reflection of the quality of the service and photographs you will receive.

What kind of wedding photography album would you like? There are quite a few different styles of albums available, from the more traditional to the more contemporary albums which tend to be in the style of high quality, expensive coffee table books. Ask to meet up with potential wedding photographers and to see some album samples, they will be delighted to show them off to you.

How long will the wedding photographer stay for? Do you want a photographer there from the bridal preparation all the way through to the dancing in the evening or would you prefer to prioritize just the ceremony and reception? Again there are different costs and packages involved in this depending on the photographer.

Personally as a wedding photographer in Edinburgh, I like to arrive quite early and get plenty of photos of the bridal preparation. I think these kind of photographs work really nicely in the completed album as it helps to create a storyline from the start of the day onwards.

Depending on which package of mine you go for I either stay until the start of the meal and also include the speeches if they are at the start, or up until the dancing. Keep in mind the speeches can create some great opportunities for a wedding photographer, its an ideal time to capture candid expressions of the bridal party and guests.

Having a photographer there for the first dance also gets you some lovely images, if you have some special moves you have been working on for your dance its a good idea to inform your wedding photographer so they will be ready and prepared for when these are going to happen.

Well these are just some of the main points to keep in mind when choosing your wedding photographer. If you like to contact me for a chat about anything regarding your photography please feel free, even if you decide not to choose me at the end of the day its good to know you have found just the right photographer for you.


As I understand the importance of finding the right style of wedding photographer in Edinburgh to reflect your unique day, I thought it would be nice to include a small guide to help you.

Have a think about what kind of images you like in general, not just wedding photography. What kind of image do you think would reflect your own individual taste and style.

Spend some time browsing the internet; Google images and Pinterest are great resources for browsing different styles. Do you like quite formal, traditional wedding photography, carefully posed photographs and lots of time spent on family
and friend group photos? Or maybe you prefer a more candid approach with minimal posing and having the wedding photographer concentrate on capturing the feel and style of the day, rather than getting caught up in group posing.

There is also quite a big difference in a wedding photographer’s final image production, some favor high contrast and dramatic colors and others producing images that are slightly more subtle and understated.

Once you have gained a feel for the type of images you would like to reflect your big day, start to look at specific wedding photographers in the Edinburgh area, see who fits into your style the best.

Something to keep in mind; us photographers love talking about our photography, but don’t be afraid to ask questions about a photographers style, what makes them unique and what is it they could offer you in terms of images for your own personal wedding day.

To give you an idea of my own personal photography

I shoot with a mix of the traditional, family group photos and a more contemporary free flowing style. This is so I can still capture the family/friend groups but concentrate on showing the day as a whole. I love capturing candid expressions and special moments throughout the day. I work in a smooth, relaxed manner without interrupting the flow of the wedding day.

I love to spend some time, maybe half an hour, with just the bride and groom. Again, I don’t get too involved in posing you in awkward positions, I much prefer a relaxed, spontaneous feel to my photos, although I will guide you and make sure you are looking your best and in the best locations. I also like to feature the environment and work with dramatic perspectives and angles to create some real “wow” wedding photographs for your wedding album.


Astrid and Andrew

Dalhousie Castle

I was delighted to be chosen by Astrid and Andrew to be the wedding photographer at their big day at Dalhousie Castle just south of Edinburgh.

"These are incredible! Thank you so for the day, we felt you were very professional and captured the images on the day prefectly. We just wanted to write a short email while we are on a our honeymoon to say thank you so much for your assistance and hard work on our wedding day last weekend. It was a day we will always remember and it was in part down to yourself. "