Edinburgh Botanics Wedding Photographer

   by admin November 7, 2012

Wedding Photography Botanical Gardens Edinburgh

Abigail and Ross who have booked me as their wedding photographer for their wedding next year asked if we could do a photography shoot down at the Edinburgh botanics. Well I really like getting photo shoots done in the autumn, its such a beautiful time of year so I was happy to agree to it. The day before I was a little worried about the weather but on the morning we went to shoot the light was just the way I like it.

It was a really nice relaxed photo shoot, they are a lovely couple who were happy to just mess around and entertain each other while I took photos, I enjoy this kind of shoot as it allows me to capture a much more spontaneous natural look to the photographs rather than spending allot of posing. I also like to take this approach to my wedding photography as I realise most people are not very comfortable posing in front of a camera and we can lose the whole natural feel to the images.

It was also a beautiful morning to be wandering around the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and I urge anyone who hasn’t been there for a while to take a couple of hours off and take a leisurely stroll through them, you will be so pleased you did.