Edinburgh Castle Wedding Photographer

   by admin September 12, 2012

Every year I photograph a few weddings in Edinburgh Castle itself, well what a splendid venue it is! I had the pleasure of photographing Krystina and Capt. Ben Davey at Edinburgh Castle recently and have been keen to share a few of the photos.. They looked amazing, Krystina in a beautiful vintage wedding dress and Ben in his uniform. In following with the style of dress I did some of the wedding photographs in a vintage style, I enjoy the chance to be artistic in my work and create a unique feel to the images.

After the intimate ceremony in the chapel we headed down to another part of the castle for the reception and drinks, they quickly caught the attention of the tourists who were fascinated with the proceedings. Krystina and Ben were good sports about this and embraced the situation allowing tourists to get their photos taken with them, it all became part of the fun of the day.

We then headed into Princes Street gardens for some photos where we could catch some nice soft light under the trees. We kept everything very relaxed with the photography to keep with the flow and feel of the day.