Edinburgh Wedding Photographer: George Heriot’s and Dalmahoy Wedding Photos

   by admin June 13, 2014

Wedding Photographer Edinburgh: Michelle and Ross decided to tie the knot at George Heriot’s School followed by a reception at Dalmahoy Hotel. Its been a while since I photographed a wedding at George Heriot’s. Its an amazing building so I was looking forward to this one. As everyone in Edinburgh likes to boast this was the inspiration for J.K Rowling’s Hogwart’s School, the story goes that she was inspired by the building as she wrote Harry Poter while sitting in the Elephant house coffee shop. Its a nice thought but how true this is I don’t know, best ask J.K Rowling.

Anyway today it was for the marrige of Michelle and Ross. As usual I started at the hotel for some bridal preperation photos, I keep this relaxed and just like to get the little details shots of things that add something special to the day, and make a lovely inclusion into the final wedding album. Its also nice at this time to capture spontaneous moments and expressions.

Then it was time to head of to George Heriot’s and get some shots of the ‘boys’ before the ceremony, it can be nice to get a few fun shots with the groom and ushers I find it helps break the tension and relax everyone a little.

Inside the chapel is a stunning building, my usual plan of action is to get some wide shots from the back to take in the whole building then some shots of the ceremony from the front. As Michelle arrived I got some nice shots as she walked accross the courtyard, inside the light streams in from one side so it works nicely for available light photos, I try to aviod using any flash at this time anyway, I feel its time to be discreet while still getting some great shots.

Afte the ceremony I left them for a while to enjoy all the congratulations from friends and family, this gives me chance to get lots of nice candid shots. Once we got into the ‘official’ photos we all headed out to the grounds and got a big group photo with Edinburgh Castle in the background. Being nice and organised we quickly got through the family and friends photos without having everyone hanging around for hours, this gave us plenty of time to get some bride and groom photos back in the courtyard.

Then we headed back to Dalmahoy Hotel for the reception and meet up again with all the guests. We headed off to the lake on the golf buggy wich is always a nice moment for some fun relaxed photos, after being away for about twenty minutes we went back to the hotel and got another big group wedding photograph on the steps at the back of the Dalmahoy Hotel, we combined this moment with the flower bouquet toss which is always good for some fun action shots!

It was then time for the wedding breakfast and speeches, wedding speeches are a great time for candid unobtousive photos, capturing some brilliant expresions without people even noticing. Then onto the cake cutting ceremony, I like to capture all the little details of the cake, place settings and favours etc before this happens, again these are lovely to have in your wedding album.

After the meal the Dalmahoy hotel made a break for everyone while they turned the room around to prepare it for the dancing and wedding band. Michelle and Ross were very impressive with thier moves! This is great for photos as long as your photographer is fast with a camera so as not to miss any fleeting moments. I stayed around for a little while to capture some ceilidh dancing before wrapping up for the night. It was a splendid fun wedding day and I really enjoyed being a part of it, it makes me happy to have such a great job.