Edinburgh Wedding Photographer Questions

   by admin January 25, 2013

When I meet up for a first meeting with wedding couples a question I’m often asked is “have we asked the right questions” and “is there anything else we should be asking” Well as its only once you will do this I guess its not surprising that sometimes its tricky to know what to ask your wedding suppliers. With this in mind I thought I would list some questions that I personally feel are relevant and important things to know from your wedding photographer.

How would you describe your wedding photography style?
The style of the photographers work should be one of the most important factors in your decision. This tends to be the real selling point for good talented photographers and they spend allot of time working on their own unique style.
Some photographers prefer to shoot in a very traditional way with lots of posing of the bride and groom and lots of group photos, personally I shoot in a more relaxed way with minimal posing and look to keep a nice spontaneous feel to the images. With the Bride and Groom photographs I like to shoot some strong striking images using the environment and perspectives, I also spend allot of time in post production to create a very contemporary artistic feel to them. For me its important to capture the whole feel of the day with a journalistic approach as well as the wow factor with the bride and groom photos.

Whats the Cost?
Well I really feel this should not be the deciding factor for which photographer you go with but I realise its unrealistic to not factor this into the decision. You may find that some really good photographers are not as expensive as you first thought, I know there are allot of scare stories going around! My prices start at £595 and everything is flexible just depending on the circumstances and what your looking for.
Its probably best to work out your budget and only meet up with photographers who you think will fall into the bracket you are looking at. You do however want it to be made very clear exactly the final overall cost with everything you want included and when this needs to be paid by. Its not something you want to stress about in the run up to your big day.

How long will you be there for?
Different photographers have different start and finish times, I always look to start at the bridal preparations then go on until either the meal or the first dance depending on the package options. This is something you want to check with your photographer as you don’t want to miss something that you find very important.

Can I have input with my own ideas?
This depends on the photographer, some are quite set in their ways. Personally I think its great if you want to have input into the wedding photography, its your day after all! I like to meet up with the wedding couple before the wedding day and discuss all the timings and ideas you might have. I will be able to give you my professional opinions and guide you in the right direction. If you prefer to leave it all to me then thats great as well.

Are you a member of a professional organisation?
Although this does not guarantee that the photographer is hugely talented it does mean they are obligated to uphold certain professional standards, they also need to reach a high level of ability to be able to join.

Do you have insurance?
This is most relevant if you are looking at the cheaper end of the market, its unlikely that a respected established professional would not have proper insurance, but if you are concerned feel free to ask them.

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How long till I get to see the photos?
Well I get some excited brides expecting to see the photographs on the night of the wedding or within a couple of days. Personally I feel any photographer worth his or her salt will want to work on all the images in post production to be sure they are of a quality that they feel is worthy of them, this takes time. I generally look to have a password protected gallery ready for the bride and groom within a week of the wedding, most photographers prefer a bit longer. Its better to wait than have someone rush through your photos.

Do you have backup equipment?
Again I think any well respected photographer will always have backup equipment for any photo shoot they are on, but this question could weed out some not so diligent suppliers at the lower end of the market.

What albums do you supply?
You want to have a good look through the range of albums supplied as this will be your final product. This is a totally personal choice, I try to have a range that covers from a quite classic style with borders around the pages along with very up to the minute contemporary albums that are almost a fashion statement. I am also conscious that you be keeping these albums for a lifetime so I have factored this into my product range choosing only very high quality products that wont fall apart or look dated in a few years time.

I hope this is of some help, I would be delighted to hear from brides and grooms of any other questions and what they feel is the most relevent to them. I will try to answer as best I can and will try to update this blog with more of them as they come in.