Wedding Central Edinburgh

   by admin September 25, 2012

Here are a few wedding photographs from the marriage of the delightful couple Charlotte and James. It was really a pleasure to spend the day with them at their wedding, they decided to get married in the very central location of St. Cuthbert’s Church on Lothian road followed by the reception at the Apex International in the Grassmarket. St. Cuthbert’s is a marvellous church venue and this was the first time I had photographed a wedding there. Its stunning inside and has some very handy little corridors, I like to keep a low profile during the ceremony so as not to take any attention away from the proceedings, these doors and corridors enabled me to move around the venue getting shots from different angles completely unseen!

The weather worked out very nicely for us when it came to getting most of the wedding photographs, we took a few in the grounds of the church then headed into Princes Street Gardens. They were setting up for the fireworks at the time but all the workmen and security were very accommodating and helped us get the car around to the fountain unhindered. Its such a nice shot to get with Edinburgh Castle in the background, I’m really pleased it all worked out with a few fluffy white clouds in the blue sky.

Afterwards we headed off to the Edinburgh Apex International in the Grassmarket, we headed straight to the heights restaurant to get a few more wedding photographs out on the balcony before joining in with the reception downstairs. I always find it nice to get a bit of time to just wander around the reception getting candid photographs of the guests socialising.