Wedding Photographer Edinburgh: Dunglass Estate

   by admin July 3, 2014

Wedding photographer Edinburgh: Louise and Scott

This is another new venue for me and its an amazing one, just a few miles east of Dunbar off the A1. If you haven’t checked it out its well worth a look and might just be the ideal location for you. Its a stunning large estate set in beautiful quiet countryside with views over the sea, there is a small picturesque chapel where you can have your ceremony held and a large marque for the reception.

I was quite excited to photograph this wedding as it was a venue I haven’t been to before. I met up with Louise and Scott there a few weeks before the wedding date to have a good look around with them and make a plan for the day. The whole wedding day including the bride and groom getting ready was held at the estate which makes the logistics so much easier for photography.

The weather was marvellous, a beautiful sunny day, and being in May the trees and grass still have a particular bright green you get in the spring time.

They decided on a humanist ceremony for their wedding held by the celebrant Tim McGuire, the ceremony was in the beautiful chapel, the light in there had a lovely quality to it with the sun streaming through the windows dappled the interior with warm light.

After the ceremony we spent a little while going through the family wedding photographs then Louise, Scott and myself headed off for a walk to get some nice bride and groom photos. There is a lovely sweeping lawn heading down to a small lake, its all very carefully tended and a lovely spot to get away from the wedding crowd for a few minutes and shoot some nice relaxed but romantic photographs.

Once we felt we had enough photos we then headed back up to the wedding reception and organised everyone together for a large group photograph of everyone at the wedding. There is a really nice piece of sloping ground to the back of the chapel that lends itself very well to this type of photo. It also means you get the chapel as a perfect backdrop to the photograph as well.

As the sun went down after dinner the low light had a fantastic quality to it so we went and got a few more shots before heading into the marque and the cake cutting followed by the first dance.

It was a great day a great location, days like this make me realise how lucky I am to have such a great job.