Wedding Photographer Edinburgh

   by admin February 10, 2011

Wedding photography at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh.

My first wedding photographed in 2011! The lovely Erika and Antony tied the knot with their wedding at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh.

Well the weather held out rather well seeing as it was so nasty in the days leading up to the wedding. I went to Erika’s home to take some photos of herself and the bridesmaids getting prepared for the big day, I was surprised at the organisation and relaxed atmosphere, there was no stress in the air as is often the case at these times.

After doing some photography there I then headed of to the marvellous venue of the Corn Exchange, there is so much space inside its easy to move around and find the best positions to take photographs there, this is also coupled with their beautiful lighting, set up and professional staff to create a really nice atmosphere for a wedding.

After the ceremony we headed outside the Corn Exchange for a few minutes to get some nice wedding photographs without taking to long to get cold!

Later we got some nice family photographs on the decking at the back of the Corn Exchange building, from there onto photos of the speeches which I always enjoy, its a great time to catch good candid facial expressions and then it was the dancing which Erika and Antony put on a great performance (I wish I could dance like that).