Wedding Photographer in Edinburgh

   by admin October 5, 2012

Well once again time for an update on my blog. What a busy wedding season this has been, I now have a stack of orders to get through from all my wonderful clients so I am locking myself away in my office and working my way through them for sometime to come.

I thought I would post a few wedding photographs from the delightful Sarah and Andrew’s wedding day, I had photographed Andrew’s best man’s wedding the previous year so there were a few familiar faces when I arrived which is always nice. This was actually in Aberdeen at the Ardoe House Hotel, its nice sometimes to go to a venue I haven’t been to before, (an experience which is becoming quite rare these days) it makes you think about new and interesting ways of capturing the day.

On the drive through to Aberdeen we had one of those torrential rain days and I was afraid we would never get outside for any wedding photographs at all, the thick cloud and rain kept going well into the afternoon. Then all of a sudden the sun came out and we had some beautiful light to take photos in. I have put a nice little sunset photo on my home page from this wedding, please take a look.

All in all it was a splendid day, it was a privilege to be there and I was delighted that they chose me for their wedding photographer.