Wedding Photographer George Hotel Edinburgh

   by admin August 22, 2011

I am quite a regular wedding photographer at the George Hotel in Edinburgh and have photographed many weddings over the years at this lovely venue. On this occasion I was photographing Jennifer and Christopher’s wedding, they had their wedding ceremony at Newhaven Church by the shoreside so after the pre-wedding discussions we decided to do most of the photography down at the shore and we were blessed with some lovely weather for the day.

After the wedding ceremony everyone took a stroll down to the shore were we did a big group photograph of everyone at the wedding, most guests then headed off to the George Hotel for a drink and canapes while a few family members stayed on for some more photos.

Wedding Photography Edinburgh

Wedding Photography Edinburgh

It was a new location for me which is always nice as it makes me think about new interesting wedding photographs I can produce, the sky was quite dramatic with some lovely clouds floating by, so I decided to go for some low angle shots and make the most of the light house location and the sky. For something a little different we also decide to pop by Inverleith Park on the way up to the George Hotel for a few photos there. It was a great day photographing a lovely couple, nice weather and nice locations, all in all a really enjoyable day at work.