Wedding Photography Holyrood Hotel

   by admin April 25, 2014

So it’s new blog update time, I am going to try and keep on-top of this for the next while. It can be difficult as things get so busy this time of year here.

I’m really looking forward to May as I am fully booked with weddings so it will be a great start to the season, lots of opportunities to get new photographs and try out new angles and techniques. I believe you have to be constantly learning and evolving with wedding photography, there is not point in churning out the same ideas and albums as everyone else. Having said that I also believe there are some core points that need to be covered in a careful systematic fashion, it is partly this that separates professional wedding photographers from amateurs. A professional should never be relying on luck to get a quality set number of images or be surprised when looking at the back of the camera to see they have taken a good photo!

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a wedding down at Holyrood Hotel of the lovely Louise and Shaun, its the first time I have been there this year but I have some more booked later. Its a great location within easy walking distance of great photography locations such as Dynamic Earth, Houses of Parliament (ok I know that ones a little controversial) Arthurs Seat, Royal Mile and Holyrood Palace (Queens holiday home).

We got lucky for the time of year and the sun shone on us as we took a walk down to Dynamic Earth where we had arranged to have a big group photograph taken on the steps outside, we then let the guests head back to the hotel and get a drink. The Bride, Groom and myself took a walk down towards the Parliament buildings for some more photos of just the two of them. Now I know this isn’t the favourite building of most Edinburgh residents, personally I like it, especially for photographs, I like the geometric lines and smooth textured sides. I like the way the lines can draw your eyes into the image, this is something I always look for and I think these photos are a good example of this I have put strong lines and perspective in all the Bride and Groom photos.

We then headed along to Holyrood Palace, its a nice place for wedding photographs although you have to be aware that the access is limited, we have to get written permission and can only use a very small area of the grounds. At the time we were there we had a lovely sky with nice textured clouds adding a nice depth to the photographs. Then it was time to head back up to the hotel where Shaun and Louise could get some socialising time done with their friends and family, this is always a good time for me to sneak around inconspicuously getting some candids of guests socialising, and the little details of the table decorations, the cake and room set up.

Then its onto the dinner and speeches etc. Speeches is another great time for capturing natural expressions of the guests and the cringing Groom! Then a little wait around for the first dance, these wedding photos are not as easy as they look and I think again its a good time of seeing the difference between the professionals and amateurs, I realise I’m biased but have a look at the images from someone who “has bought a good camera” and a professional photographer taken of a wedding dance, you will see what I mean.

Well after that the day was successfully captured, it was a pleasure and is always an honour to be a important part of someones wedding day. They were a lovely couple and i wish them all the best in their lives together.